The Braves and Astros have plenty of playoff history
When the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros meet in the 2021 World Series, they will rekindle a playoff rivalry that produced plenty of big moments over the years.
Biden uses town hall to name-check Manchin and Sinema on agenda hold-ups
"Joe's not a bad guy. He's a friend," he said of Manchin, while talking about the difficulty in coming to an agreement with him on expanding Medicare to cover dental, vision and hearing benefits.
'90s Sitcoms Shaped Me as an Immigrant Child. What if They Hadn't?
As a young girl, I emulated characters from shows like "Saved by the Bell" to act American. If only "Never Have I Ever" and"Ramy" had been around back then.
Europe is giving its top human rights prize to Vladimir Putin's most prominent critic
In this March 30, 2017 file photo, Alexei Navalny, right, poses for the press in court in Moscow.
Jailed Russian opposition leader Navalny wins top EU prize
Imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny President Vladimir Putin's main critic, was awarded the European Union's top human rights prize on Wednesday.
These blissful cabins in the mountains are designed to perfectly fulfill all your escapist dreams!
If I had a choice, I would instantly give up my hectic city life, for a peaceful and blissful one in the mountainside.
Apple's California Love
No one loves California more than Apple does. Maybe John Muir? But probably not. Maybe Gavin Newsom after yesterday? But still, probably not. That's my main takeaway from yesterday's Apple event.
The Batman's DC Fandome Trailer Emerges From The Shadows
Director Matt Reeves' new take on Gotham's caped crusader, The Batman, took center stage at DC Fandome with a look behind the scenes at the film's production and the reveal of the second trailer.
Most 11-inch iPad Pro models are $100 off at Amazon right now | Engadget
Those looking for a powerful laptop alternative need look no further than this year's iPad Pros. Outfitted with Apple's M1 chipset, they're the most powerful tablets the company has ever made.
EU-UK talks, fishing threat kick Brexit back into high gear
The Brexit brawl kicked into high gear Friday on sticking points over Northern Ireland and French fishing, coming almost a year after a deal on a free trade agreement was supposed to have officially sealed the separation between the European Union and the United Kingdom.