Mort Sahl, a political satirist and stand-up comedy pioneer, has died at 94
Comedian Mort Sahl cracks a joke at a press conference in London on July 10, 1961.
Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images Long before Jon Stewart or Bill Maher, there was Mort Sahl.
Hunt for Girardi Keese assets leads to some unusual recoveries and Erika Girardi appeal
Hunt for Girardi Keese assets leads to some unusual recoveries and Erika Girardi appeal
Dodgers 2021 Season Post Mortem, Early Offseason Thoughts And More | Blue Heaven Podcast
The Dodgers fell to the Braves in 6 games in the NLCS and went home early once again. With that, it's unfortunately now time to look ahead at what is set to be a busy offseason for the LA front office.
No Time To Die Or Tweet - Daniel Craig Hates Social Media - Social Media Explorer
BERLIN, GERMANY - Actor Daniel Craig attends German Premiere of the new James Bond movie ... [+]
James Bond was licensed to kill and be killed. He is often seen with a variety gadgets and gizmos.
Jonathan Ross scraps legendary Halloween party as he takes care of daughter
J onathan Ross has pulled the plug on his famous Halloween party as he takes care of his daughter who has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
Celebrity Parents Share Touching First Day of School Photos, From Kindergarten to College
Even celebrities aren't immune to first day of school emotions.
The Facebook Papers: What you need to know about the trove of insider documents
Facebook co-founder, Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies on Capitol Hill on April 11, 2018 in Washington, D.C.
LA's Celebrity-Backed Dave's Hot Chicken Opens First Chicago Restaurant
Dave's Hot Chicken, the Los Angeles-based chain that counts celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson and Drake among its major investors, has opens its first location in Chicago proper, bringing its mega-hit Nashville-style spicy tenders and seasoned fries to the Midwest as part of a major expansion in the area.
In 'Going There,' Katie Couric lays out her life in intimate detail
Going There, by Katie Couric Little, Brown and Company "On TV, you are larger than life but somehow smaller, too, a neatly cropped version of who you are," writes Katie Couric in a new memoir, teasingly titled Going There.
Aaron Rodgers had some comments this week about the reaction to his "I still own you!" moment - ProFootballTalk
Last Sunday, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers scored a touchdown against the Bears. He spotted a fan in the stands giving him a pair of middle fingers, so he launched into his " I still own you! "