Ilhan Omar: Lauren Boebert's 'Jihad Squad' bigotry is 'no laughing matter'
Islamophobic remarks by Lauren Boebert are "no laughing matter", Ilhan Omar said, demanding action from congressional leaders - after the Colorado Republican said sorry.
Ilhan Omar: Boebert is a 'buffoon' and 'bigot' for 'made up' anti-Muslim story
The Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar called the Colorado Republican Lauren Boebert a buffoon, a bigot and a liar, for claiming to have joked about terrorism when sharing an elevator in Congress.
Spin Time Records is D.C.'s neighborhood record shop no matter where you are
Jon Lottman was raised on Capitol Hill at a time when mom-and-pop record stores dotted enough of the nearby streets that he grew up thinking of them as "a neighborhood amenity."
Biden to Nominate Shalanda Young as Budget Director
The nomination was reported earlier by The Washington Post.
Law firm that won settlement in Md. HBCU case donating $12.5 million in fees
The law firm that represented Maryland's historically Black universities in a long-running lawsuit against the state is donating $12.5 million to colleges and nonprofits from the fees it was awarded when the case settled.
All this money pouring into infrastructure should be a boon for high-speed rail, right? Not so fast.
On the surface, the federal government's newfound commitment to infrastructure would seem like a boost for that grand elusive transit innovation of our time: high-speed rail.
A DC Elementary School Will Be Renamed for Late Congressman John Lewis | Washingtonian (DC)
In a unanimous agreement, the DC Council has voted to change the name of Joseph Rodman West Elementary School (also known as West Education Campus) in DC's Petworth neighborhood.