France launches hotline for elderly to get Covid vaccine at home
Older people can get their Covid vaccine at home. Photo: Thomas Coex / AFP
Stubborn supply chain woes are resisting Biden's remedies
A deepening freight logjam is defying President Biden's hopes of restoring normal cargo movements, hampering the economic recovery and threatening consumers' holiday shopping plans.
Op-Ed | Jumpstarting PrEP usage will get New York back on track to end the HIV epidemic | amNewYork
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How to Remember What Your Doctor Says
"Don't let the doctor cut you off," says M. Barton Laws, a medical sociologist at Brown University who researches provider-patient relationships.
My Kid Is Afraid of Shots. How Can We Prepare for the Covid Vaccine?
Trypanophobia, or the fear of needles, is common among young children. But there are ways to make vaccination as painless as possible.
Credit... Aileen Son for The New York Times
'Got to be accessible': Derbyshire MP presses on with face-to-face surgeries
t least once a week, Robert Largan, Conservative MP for High Peak in Derbyshire, holds a surgery.
City employees face months-long wait time for mental health care - The San Francisco Examiner
While Kaiser Permanente patients seeking mental health care will get a 30-minute phone assessment within days, in many cases, they cannot get actual treatment for months. (Shutterstock)
Students at historically Black college in DC stage sit-in over housing conditions
Cockroaches. Mushrooms growing under the sink.
WHO warns vaccines 'not enough' - follow covid news live
The World Health Organisation ( WHO) has warned that the vaccine alone will not be able to lift the world out of the pandemic.
9 of the Best CRMs for Digital Agencies
As an agency, there comes a point when a customer relationship management (CRM) tool becomes an essential part of your business.