A Kinder, Gentler 'Death Squad': Ten Years in, Despite Some Reforms, the USPTO is Still Killing U.S. Patents
"On the 10 th anniversary of the AIA, the story should be that today, thanks to the reforms of Director Iancu, the PTAB is not as bad as its critics say, nor as good as its defenders claim."
Looking for a pet? Think small.
Local shelters say they're brimming with small pets - like bunnies, hamsters, and birds - looking for a good home.
The New York Philharmonic Returns, in the Midst of Transitions
As the orchestra's season opens, its music director announced he would step down, its hall is under renovation and it's still trying to diversify.
Britain's broadcast media is too valuable to be the toy of politicians and moguls | Will Hutton
ritain's stubborn attachment to non-Tory values infuriates and worries Conservative politicians to equal degree.
Can Boris Johnson's new faces help him deliver on old promises?
or ministers who trooped into Downing Street on Wednesday it was hardly the warmest of welcomes.
Baptism of fire as Liz Truss heads to US amid submarine row
Liz Truss is heading for a furious diplomatic confrontation with France on her first trip abroad as foreign secretary, as anger mounts in Paris over the cancellation of a £48bn nuclear submarine contract.
U.S. Embassy Failures, COVID-19 Travel Restrictions, Keep Attorney Working on COVID-19 Technology Out of United States
"While COVID-19 constraints on U.S. Embassy resources pose one issue, another problem for Karavida has been a series of Presidential executive orders stemming back to the Trump Administration that effectively ban foreign professionals from returning home to the United States and continuing their work here."
Sean Spicer claims press treats Jen Psaki better: 'I walked into the lion's den'
Donald Trump's former press secretary Sean Spicer has complained that the Washington press corps treat his successor under Joe Biden more kindly.
Health minister at centre of cronyism allegations sacked in reshuffle
A health minister at the centre of a series of controversies over the Government's handling of coronavirus has been given the sack in Boris Johnson 's reshuffle.
Behind the scenes of Andrew Neil's departure from GB News
When Andrew Neil took a leave of absence from GB News a fortnight after its 13 June launch, the rightwing news channel and its star presenter spent weeks insisting he was taking a long break to "recharge [his] batteries".