The Role of AI in Art Creation
AI-powered art made by the author ith the emergence of AI, it becomes easier for artists to express themselves without having to go through the process of creating an artwork.
Upcycling food waste onto our plates is a new effort. But will consumers find it appetizing?
Pizza with leftover olive leaves. Bread doctored with rice waste. Banana peels turned into snacks. These are examples of a trend called upcycled food - and soon they are coming to our plates.
A Broad and Practical Exposition of Online Learning Techniques
source In this blog post, I will take a deep dive into the topic of online learning a very popular researh area within the deep learning community.
Artificial Intelligence in Finance: Opportunities and Challenges
Photo by Jeffrey Blum on Unsplash Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a new kid on the block anymore and the field is developing at a constantly increasing pace.
Doctors treating unvaccinated Covid patients are succumbing to compassion fatigue
ast February, Dr Bryce Meck, 30, would lock herself in the bathroom to cry for five minutes when her patients, whom she had watched over for weeks in the medical intensive care unit, were dying from Covid-19.
How to Create a Docker Image with Jupyter Notebook and Kotlin
Jupyter + kotlin kernel sample Computational Notebooks or simply Notebooks are a flexible and interactive tool that allows scientists to combine software code, computational output and explanatory resources (like text, charts and any other media content) within the same document.
Letting an AI Text Generator Babble On Will Showcases Its Biggest Flaw
Photo by Max Chen on Unsplash Like most other people, I have been highly intrigued by the recent usability and results of deep neural networks, especially in the genre of text generators.
Dimensionality Reduction for Machine Learning
Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash What is High Demensional Data?
How does it affect your Machine Learning models?
How to Apply GitOps on Infrastructure
By: Veronica Haggar on
GitOps has become more than a buzzword in the DevOps community.
Smartwatches: The Classroom Nuisance
Educators complain that smartwatches are distracting students, or worse, encouraging them to cut class, text friends, and even cheat.