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LGBTQ Nation
1 month ago

Minnesota finally bans the LGBTQ+ panic defense - LGBTQ Nation

Minnesota passed a bill banning LGBTQ+ panic defense, a historic move against anti-LGBTQ+ violence. [ more ]
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3 months ago

This mum and son set up a vital app to help keep LGBTQ+ people safe in public

Launching an app 'Back Off. Back Up.' (BOBU) to guide LGBTQ+ individuals to safe spaces after experiencing friends' attacks.
Focusing on physical and emotional safety, including a training program for venues and a sexual health feature within the app. [ more ]
7 months ago
Left-wing politics

DeSantis Revives Vicious Attacks on LGBTQ Families as His Campaign Flounders

Nearly two-thirds of LGBTQ adults face discrimination in their daily lives
Anti-LGBTQ violence has seen a spike [ more ]
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