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2 months ago

After Months-Long Coma, This Latino Immigrant Worker Is Still Fighting Mysterious Long COVID Symptoms | KQED

Alternative medicine like foot baths and natural remedies helped a long COVID patient regain sensation and cope with ongoing symptoms. [ more ]
2 months ago

Drugs, Sacraments or Medicine? Psychedelic Churches Blur the Line.

Psychedelic retreats blending spirituality and alternative medicine are asserting their use of substances as sacramental under religious freedom laws. [ more ]
Washington Post
5 months ago

King Charles has sometimes clashed with establishment on cancer care

King Charles III has become a prominent cancer patient, potentially influencing public perception of the disease.
Charles has shown a willingness to disclose health information and has strong opinions on diet and alternative medicine. [ more ]
New York Post
7 months ago
New York City

Doctor gets up to 15 years for fatally poisoning wife with dietary supplements that once had her 'seeing frogs'

Dr. Jeffrey Harris has been sentenced to the maximum penalty of five-to-15 years in prison for fatally poisoning his wife with alternative medicines.
Harris was convicted of manslaughter after a trial where prosecutors claimed his fixation on the dietary supplement selenium led to his wife's fatal overdose. [ more ]
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