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2 months ago

Background For A New Book - emptywheel

Rights discourse lacks clarity on nature and origin, clarified by background series and recommended reading by Jamal Greene's book.
Humans evolved unique capacity for learning, teaching, and abstraction through observation, language, and reasoning, aiding problem-solving.
Early humans transmit knowledge for survival through teaching and natural curiosity, backed by basic language skills likely taught by females.
Philosophically, human existence is the measure of all things being and not being. [ more ]
3 months ago

Scala 3 Opaque Types: When to use, examples, benefits

Opaque types in Scala 3 offer encapsulation, type safety, abstraction, and semantic clarity.
They help create new data types with controlled access to representation, suitable for scenarios needing clear interfaces and meaningful names. [ more ]
4 months ago

How the Seven Bridges of Konigsberg Spawned New Math

The seven bridges of Konigsberg problem led to the birth of new branches of mathematics.
Abstracting extraneous information is crucial in solving mathematical problems. [ more ]
1 month ago
Graphic design

Juxtapoz Magazine - Dimensional Fantasia at GR Gallery Explores the Boundaries Between Abstraction and Figuration

The Dimensional Fantasia exhibition at GR gallery features Japanese and South Korean artists exploring the boundaries between abstraction and figuration in visually captivating ways. [ more ]
1 month ago

Um, what ever did happen with network automation?

Automation of networking through SDN presents challenges and complexities despite its promising vision. [ more ]
2 years ago

Learn What is Interface in PHP with Example | Simplilearn

Interfaces in PHP define methods a class should implement, promoting polymorphism and multiple class implementations. [ more ]
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