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On Wednesday evening, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Department of Health and Human Services warned that there is a "an increased and imminent cybercrime threat to US hospitals and health care providers," above and beyond the wave of attacks that have already occurred. 2
The agencies have "credible information of an increased and imminent cybercrime threat to U.S. hospitals and healthcare providers," the alert released Wednesday night read. 1
"CISA, FBI, and HHS are sharing this information to provide warning to healthcare providers to ensure that they take timely and reasonable precautions to protect their networks from these threats." 1
While the hacked page claimed that the threat actors responsible compromised "multiple devices" that gave them "full access" to internal and secret conversations" of "trump and relatives," there is no evidence that these statements are true, according to the Trump campaign. 1
The election is only a week away, and there has been much discussion about how absentee and early voting will impact the outcome. 1But even before ballots started to hit the postal service, the spread of misinformation was already well underway, leaving confused Americans in its wake. 1
Human error is inevitable, even among the most well-educated users. 1
Microsoft says hackers backed by the Iranian government targeted over 100 high-profile potential attendees of two international security and policy conferences. 1
Microsoft said the spoofed emails were sent to former government officials, academics and policy makers to steal passwords and other sensitive data, like email inboxes. 1
The apps masquerade as a fun or useful application but actually "exist to serve up intrusive ads outside the app," according to a blog posted this week by Emma McGowan, a senior writer at Avast. 1
Emails from Amazon's customer service teams were received by a number of customers over the weekend of 24-25 October 2020, explaining that their email addresses had been disclosed by an Amazon employee to a third party. 1
Phishers have routinely taken advantage of the user interface misrepresentation issue to trick users into navigating to malicious sites or to fool them into thinking they are on a trusted site when, in fact, they are not. 2
In addition to Safari and Opera, the other impacted mobile browsers include those from Yandex, UCWeb, and Raise IT Solutions. 1
The health care and mental health services provider Vastaamo says it first began investigating a possible breach at the end of September, when a hacker contacted three of the organization's employees with extortion demands. 1
It seems that Vastaamo had at least one exposed database of patient information that was breached in November 2018, and likely again in mid-March 2019. 1
There's no question that ransomware has become one of the most feared (and loathed) cybersecurity attack types. 1
Well, some eye-opening ransomware research came out with the announcement of a proof-of-concept ransomware attack on a coffee maker. 1
Losing access to coffee is, as Vizzini said in "Princess Bride," "Inconceivable!" 1