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Around the back of the Stadtkirche, in a carved sandstone sculpture set into the facade, a rabbi lifts the tail of a pig to look for his Talmud. 1
So is calling someone a Judensau. 1
This is the question the courts have been deliberating in Düllmann's case. 1
The judges summarized Düllmann's argument in one concise sentence: "An insult remains an insult even if you add commentary around it." 1
But his message of disruption — his unvarnished nationalism and tolerance of white supremacists coupled with his skepticism of the pandemic’s dangers — is spilling well beyond American shores, extremism watchers say. 2
“We have everything from anti-vaxxers to neo-Nazis marching against corona measures. 2
Russian opposition leader Navalny fell ill on a flight last month and was treated in a Siberian hospital before being evacuated to Berlin. 1
German chancellor Angela Merkel said last week there was " unequivocal evidence " the vocal critic of president Vladimir Putin had been poisoned using Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok. 1