Lawmakers, residents push top D.C. education leaders for more testing, transparency and virtual learning
City officials, teachers and parents depicted two vastly different versions of how schools are operating at full capacity during the pandemic at a seven-hour D.C. Council oversight hearing Tuesday.
Melvin Van Peebles, fiercely independent filmmaker, dies at 89
Melvin Van Peebles, whose low-budget 1971 phenomenon, "Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song" - an X-rated film about a Black revolutionary's survival on the run - proved a milestone of independent and African American cinema, died Sept. 21 at his home in Manhattan.
What are your favorite ways to use sheet pans? And all your cooking questions.
Every Wednesday at noon, Food section staff members and guests answer your cooking questions. You can submit a question in advance in the box below.
Good Morning, News: State Employees Given Vax Extension, Clackamas Commish Shull Re-Inserts Foot in Mouth, and Biden to Boost Global Vaccines
The Mercury provides news and fun every single day-but your help is essential.
The Grown-up Hysteria Around TikTok's Devious Licks
In-person school is finally back, and apparently, already the kids are running wild.
Secrets of the Washington Post Peloton Account, Revealed! | Washingtonian (DC)
I spent a lot of 2021 obsessed with one of the nation's weirdest media mysteries: Who, exactly, was behind the Washington Post's Peloton account?
Washington plans to use the Bills as a 'measuring stick.' It also views them as a model.
In the early stages of an ambitious rebuild, Washington Football Team Coach Ron Rivera often used the Buffalo Bills as a template.
Apple says 'Fortnite' can't return to the App Store until Epic v. Apple verdict is final
One of the biggest remaining questions after U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled on the attention-grabbing Epic Games v. Apple trial is what would happen to the video game "Fortnite."
Cumulus partners with Rolling Stone for TikTok roundup podcast - RAIN News
Cumulus Media is announcing a new partnership with Rolling Stone to produce Don't Let This Flop, a weekly roundup of highlight content, memes, and trends on TikTok.