New Plan for Catching the Fugitive Maryland Zebras: More Zebras
The owners of Maryland's fugitive zebras have a new approach to catching the two zebras who are still on the run: They've placed two more zebras in a corral, hoping to attract the zebras with food and ungulate companionship.
Does My Co-op Really Need to Know Everything About My Pet?
A: Co-ops generally have the right to set conditions about companion pets, enacting rules about leashing, vaccinations and the collection of basic information.
As more states legalize it, cannabis is increasingly sending dogs on a bad trip
Bentley seemed to be in a haze. Normally this 12-pound Chihuahua-terrier mix would never refuse hot, fresh French fries from a drive-through fast food joint.
Looking for a pet? Think small.
Local shelters say they're brimming with small pets - like bunnies, hamsters, and birds - looking for a good home.
Austin pharmacist gets 300 prescriptions a day for Ivermectin
The FDA warns large doses are dangerous to humans. Clinical studies are underway to see if the doctor-prescribed medicine for humans can treat COVID-19.
How a Tahoe refuge saved owls, coyotes and raccoons from wildfire
reg Erfani watched the flames grow bigger and bigger as they crept toward Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, the animal refuge he helps run in South Lake Tahoe.
Whale transferred to U.S. aquarium from Marineland dies, no plans to replace it | CBC News
An American aquarium says a beluga whale transferred to its facility from Marineland has died and there are no plans to find another to take its place.
Ticks are proliferating in Spain: How to avoid them and protect yourself
"Veterinarians and doctors from all over Spain have been warning for a long time about an increase in cases of tick bites", Spain's National Association of Environmental Health Companies (Anecpla) said in a recent statement.
'We do what the Red Cross won't': a day in the life of a wildfire Relief Angel
alerie O'Dai takes a drag from her cigarette at a donation site in Bly, Oregon, black sunglasses on, ash smeared across her face.
Mixlab raises $20M to provide purrfect pharmacy experience for pet parents
Pet pharmacy Mixlab has developed a digital platform enabling veterinarians to prescribe medications and have them delivered - sometimes on the same day - to pet parents.