FTB: good and bad news for Leafs prospects in Russia
Yes, we're going to talk about the Chicago scandal and give all the details from yesterday, but I just wrote a whole post about it over at Raw Charge so you're going to get some light-hearted Leafs prospect news first.
The Mushy Middle
We look at public opinion about abortion in Texas.
Norma McCorvey - the "Jane Roe" whose search for a legal abortion led to Roe v. Wade - famously changed her mind about abortion rights.
Another Struggle for Long Covid Patients: Disability Benefits
President Biden has said the government should help people who continue to experience symptoms long after a coronavirus infection. But qualifying remains a major hurdle.
TfL gets tough on sexual harassment with launch of new crackdown
S exual harassment will not be tolerated on public transport or anywhere in London that is the message from TfL as it launches a new campaign on Wednesday.
China doubles down on COVID-zero strategy
A 5,000 room quarantine facility in Guangzhou is an indication China has no plans to ease strict border controls even as other countries adopt new strategies.
Removing features without pissing off your users (and why you should)
Products with a ton of features tend to make the user experience worse for most people. Despite this, most products (especially enterprise ones) eventually end up with "feature bloat."
Milan 1-0 Torino: Giroud the difference as Rossoneri usurp Napoli at the summit - Soccer News
Milan took full advantage of Napoli's Sunday slip-up as the Rossoneri beat Torino 1-0 in Serie A thanks to Olivier Giroud's early goal, the win putting them top of the table on Tuesday.
Promising-looking SETI signal turns out to be of human origin
Modern human society has been making it ever more challenging for astronomers to get their job done.
Howard president says two-week occupation of student center 'must end'
In his first public message addressing Howard University's protests over student housing and representation, the school's president called on Tuesday for students to cease their occupation of the campus student center - a demonstration entering its third week.