Scottish nightlife body launches legal challenge to vaccine passport plans
The industry body representing Scottish nightclubs has launched a legal challenge to the Holyrood government's plans for vaccine passports.
Justin Trudeau will remain prime minister, Canadian TV projects.
Justin Trudeau will remain Canada's prime minister following the vote in an early election on Monday, Canadian broadcasters projected.
Johnson admits he can't guarantee normal Christmas amid Covid and supply chaos
Boris Johnson has admitted he cannot guarantee a normal Christmas this year, as Britain grapples with disruption to goods supplies caused by gas price hikes and shortages of lorry drivers, as well as the potential of another spike in coronavirus cases.
Justin Trudeau loses some shine now that he embodies the political establishment.
Much has changed for Justin Trudeau since 2015, when he led his Liberal Party to a surprise rout of the Conservatives and became prime minister of Canada, promising a fresh, open approach to government, what he called "sunny ways."
No 10 accused of sidelining behaviour experts on latest Covid measures
Senior scientific advisers have publicly accused the government of sidelining behavioural experts and appearing unwilling to listen to "uncomfortable truths" on vaccine passports and masks during the pandemic.
Vaccine passports required to enter nightclubs and large events in Wales
Vaccine passports will be required to enter nightclubs and attend large events in Wales from next month, the country's first minister has announced.
Opinion: Follow science to ensure parity in COVID-19 passports
Mandates for COVID-19 vaccine passports have been contentious, with many states banning the practice and a handful endorsing it. California has not yet made vaccine passports a requirement.
Alberta leader apologizes, imposes restrictions and passport
TORONTO - The leader of the Canadian province of Alberta apologized Wednesday for his handling of the pandemic and says he's now reluctantly introducing a vaccine passport and imposing a mandatory work from home order two months after lifting nearly all restrictions.
Contra Costa County: No COVID vaccine? No entering restaurants, gyms or bars
Contra Costa County has joined a few Bay Area cities in requiring anyone 12 and older to prove they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before entering businesses where they remove their masks to eat or drink or breathe heavily from exercising.
Moving from fringe to fourth place, PPC complicates the Conservatives' path to power | CBC News
At a recent campaign event, Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole couldn't quite bring himself to say the name of the man who could end up thwarting his shot at power.