Businesses big and small slam the brakes on back-to-the-office plans amid rapid Omicron spread | CBC News
Some of the biggest employers in Canada are putting plans to slowly bring some workers back into the office on pause because of Omicron - and that's having devastating consequences on the businesses that rely on them.
Eric Clapton wins legal case against woman selling bootleg live CD for 8.45
Eric Clapton has won a legal case against a 55-year-old German woman selling a bootleg live CD for €9.95 (£8.45), Deutsche Welle reports.
Anti-lockdown candidates lose deposits in North Shropshire by-election
Anti-lockdown candidates were wiped out at the North Shropshire by-election, losing their deposits and in some cases winning fewer votes than the Monster Raving Loony Party.
Think carefully before Christmas socialising, Boris Johnson says
Boris Johnson has urged people to cut back on Christmas partying and "think carefully" before going out during the festive season, as omicron cases hit record levels
With Tories in revolt, Labour can push them to better protect the public from Covid | Owen Jones
ritain's abysmal level of statutory sick pay is a killer.
Boris Johnson warns of Omicron 'huge spike' as Commons votes loom
Boris Johnson has warned his cabinet that "a huge spike of Omicron is coming" as the government braces itself for a significant backbench rebellion over Covid restrictions in England.
Scottish Government aims to offer boosters to all eligible adults by end of year
The Scottish Government has set a target of offering booster jabs to all eligible adults by the end of the year, but more Covid-19 restrictions may still be needed to combat Omicron, Nicola Sturgeon has said.
Covid-19 boosters to be expanded to over-18s in Scotland from next week
Covid-19 booster vaccines are to be made available to people aged 18-39 in Scotland from next week.
What would Plan C restrictions look like?
Potential further restrictions to combat the omicron variant include a three-visitor limit in care homes and the use of vaccine passports for smaller venues such as pubs, according to reports.
Boris Johnson 'facing cabinet revolt' over Covid plan B restrictions
Boris Johnson is reportedly facing a revolt within his own cabinet against the possible further tightening of Covid-19 restrictions as a wage of omicron variant infections looms.