If you've been vaccinated, what are the odds of a breakthrough COVID infection? - Poynter
Ample evidence shows that the COVID-19 vaccines dramatically reduce the risk of serious illness, but stories about breakthrough infections continue to spark fear among people who are vaccinated - and resistance among those who aren't.
Ministers to cut 'red list' countries by up to half to simplify England's travel rules
Ministers are to slash the number of "red list" countries by up to half as part of plans to simplify England's rules for international travel, with sources claiming it would incentivise vaccination.
1 in 3 COVID-19 patients suffer from long COVID, a CDC study of Long Beach residents finds
One in three people who survived COVID-19 suffered from long COVID, according to a study of Long Beach residents published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday.
UT Austin making COVID-19 strategy changes
The university will conduct more COVID-19 tests, while also moving more students, staff and professors on campus.
Long COVID and Breakthrough Infections: What We Know Now | KQED
Long COVID is a poorly defined, poorly understood condition that occurs when COVID-19 patients' symptoms won't go away for weeks or months, or new ones emerge just when they think they're all better. 1
More than six weeks after it started, Hipps still experiences the burning sensation every day, as well as tingling and numbness in her hands. 1
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Whitty warns first winter with Delta variant might trigger Covid Plan B
A first winter with the "highly transmissible" Delta variant could trigger a Covid surge severe enough to require fresh restrictions, Chris Whitty is warning.
What We Know About Breakthrough Infections And Long COVID
Weeks after getting sick from COVID-19, Kathleen Hipps is still experiencing symptoms, even though she was fully vaccinated.
NSW unvaccinated could be denied freedoms at 80% target, premier says, as 1,257 Covid cases recorded
Unvaccinated people in New South Wales could be barred from locations and denied movement freedoms even after the state achieves 80% double dose vaccination, with premier Gladys Berejiklian warning vaccine-hesitant residents they will not be able to "let everybody else do the hard work and then turn up" for equal freedoms.
I Didn't Want to Push My Aunt to Get the Vaccine. Now I Live With Regrets
In normal times, the ICU is a dreadful place.
Sickness lingers like a fog.
You can feel it, sense it, even hear itthe machinery pumping, the alarms ringing, the nurses scrambling.