Nadine Dorries: Best-selling author, nurse, reality star and, now, cabinet minister
Growing up in a council house in that city, and enduring a sometimes hungry childhood, the Conservative MP might once have felt life's riches were beyond her reach.
Wildfire reaches Giant Forest; fate of giant sequoias unknown
A lightning-sparked wildfire in Sequoia National Park has scorched the edge of the Giant Forest, home to some 2,000 giant sequoias that includes one of the world's largest known trees.
What we can learn from edtech startups' expansion efforts in Europe
It's a story common to all sectors today: investors only want to see 'uppy-righty' charts in a pitch.
Muriel Gardiner: The heiress who saved countless lives
Early one November morning in a hotel room in Nazi-annexed Austria, Muriel Gardiner was woken by a sharp knock on the door.
Taliban reopens high school for boys, but makes no mention of female students
After month-long closures affecting many schools in Kabul and across Afghanistan following the Taliban's return to power, the group released a statement Friday ordering officials to oversee the reopening of "madrassas, private and public schools and other academic institutions of the country" on Saturday - for middle and high school boys, at least.
Taliban Seize Women's Ministry Building for Use by Religious Police
Taliban leaders have turned the Kabul building that housed Afghanistan's Ministry of Women's Affairs into the offices for the religious police, an ominous portent for women's rights.
Hundreds of Western University students walk out to support survivors of sexual violence | CBC News
Hundreds of Western University students said no to class and yes to standing in support for those who have experienced sexual violence after four women came forward with formal complains about being assaulted on the London, Ont., campus last week.
Democrats show what free community college could look like
After years of discussion and debate about offering free community college across the United States, what once seemed unlikely is now as close as it's ever been to being a reality.
California commits $500 million more to student housing - The San Francisco Examiner
Affordable housing has become the chief expense for most California students, such as those attending community college in San Francisco. (Kevin N. Hume/S. F. Examiner)
NY governor vows to fight lawsuit over vaccine mandate
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul vowed this week to fight a lawsuit launched by a group of Christian health care practitioners who argue that New York's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for many health care workers is unconstitutional because it lacks a religious exemption.