Clearview AI hit with sweeping legal complaints over controversial face scraping in Europe
New York-based Clearview claims to have built "the largest known database of 3+ billion facial images." 1
PI, NYOB, Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights, and Homo Digitalis all claim that Clearview's data collection goes beyond what the average user would expect when using services like Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube. 1
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Pharma is winning the big business popularity contest
It used to be easy to hate pharmaceutical companies. Between soaring drug costs and the opioid crisis, the industry was widely perceived as one that put profits over people's health.
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When international travel resumes, Canada's borders and airports will be very different | CBC News
Just as the 9/11 attacks did 20 years ago, the COVID-19 pandemic will transform the way people travel internationally - with hundreds of millions of dollars in new government spending planned for modernizing border security and updating public health measures at airports.
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Most people in UK initially opposed to Covid vaccine have had jab, study finds
More than half of the people in the UK who were firmly against getting vaccinated at around the time the first dose was administered have had a jab, a study has suggested.
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Scott Morrison arrives in UK for G7 amid protests for climate change action
Scott Morrison has arrived at the G7 meeting of the world's so-called most advanced economies amidst climate change protests and a call from Prince Charles to "do it for the planet".
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Best Free & Affordable Press Release Distribution Services in UK - Social Media Explorer
PRFire is one of the most helpful public relations and online marketing services in press release distribution for clients who want their business to be noticed, and it comes with numerous free, as well as charged services within a reasonable price range.
Creature Comforts: Ramp-Wrapped Towers Help Flatland Goats Feel More at Home - 99% Invisible
Along flat stretches of countryside from Argentina and South Africa to the United Kingdom, strange spires can be spotted at a great distance, but what really stands out up close is the goats that occupy them.
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EU boss's blunt message for Boris Johnson on sausage wars: 'Time to deliver'
European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen is set to deliver a blunt message to Boris Johnson that it is time for him to make good on the promises he made in his Brexit withdrawal deal.
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