Caitlyn Jenner defends Dave Chappelle as "100% right": "We must never yield"
Failed Republican politician Caitlyn Jenner defended comedian Dave Chappelle's right to make transphobic jokes on Netflix.
Texas Governor Signs Anti-Trans Sports Bill
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Chappelle willing to meet Netflix's trans employees but won't 'bend to demands'
The comedian Dave Chappelle has spoken out about backlash against his recent Netflix special, saying he would be open to meeting transgender employees of the streaming company but would not be "bending to anyone's demands".
Dave Chappelle responds to Netflix controversy with a video clip from his concert.
Dave Chappelle responded to the controversy over his Netflix standup special "The Closer" - which has been criticized as promoting bigotry toward transgender people - by posting a five-minute video clip to Instagram on Monday in which he denied that he had been invited to speak to transgender employees of the streaming service and refused.
Netflix employees walk out to protest Dave Chappelle's special.
Amid cheers and chants of "Team trans!
A transgender U.S. public health official breaks ground on the pandemic's front line.
Dr. Rachel Levine, who has helped lead the nation's coronavirus response as President Biden's assistant secretary for health and made history as the first openly transgender federal official confirmed by the Senate, has a new title: admiral.
Author Margaret Atwood dabbles in anti-trans ideology online as fans express disappointment
Margaret Atwood, the feminist author of The Handmaid's Tale and numerous other novels, has been criticized for sharing an article that railed against gender-inclusive language as "trans activism run amok."
Black transgender woman shot 20 times in broad daylight
Royal Poetical Starz, a 26-year-old Black transgender musician and masseur, was shot to death in broad daylight on October 2.