Unions' concerns could delay Keir Starmer's Labour rules shake-up
Keir Starmer could be forced to delay plans for Labour party reforms amid resistance from key trade unions, who have said they need more time to consult on plans to rewrite the leadership election rules.
Why is Keir Starmer trying to rewrite Labour leadership rules?
Keir Starmer is set to reignite a Labour party row over how it selects its leadership, seeking to rewrite the rules that led to the rise of Jeremy Corbyn. Here's the lowdown on the changes.
Jobs in Switzerland roundup: New regulations for some professions
President Guy Parmelin who is also the Economics Minister, is amending the current employment rules in regards to work hours for certain professionals.
New Unite leader skips Labour conference to prioritise work disputes
The new leader of Unite will miss Labour's annual conference, saying she needs to prioritise her job of sorting out industrial disputes.
Families bereaved by Covid can attend Conservative Party Conference after U-turn
A group of families bereaved by coronavirus will be allowed to attend the upcoming Conservative Party Conference after a U-turn.
Major row brewing over plans to change way Labour elects party leader
Labour is set to reignite a major row over how it selects its party leader, with a vote expected on a return to the system that hands MPs more power.
Government u-turns on unions' role in trade talks
The British government has invited unions to join its secretive groups which advise on trade deals, days after The Independent revealed the bodies had been excluded for over a year.
The Guardian view on the politics of work: new times | Editorial
he first Covid lockdown inspired an outpouring of gratitude towards the key workers who kept the show on the road, while the rest of us remained indoors.
England needs more bank holidays to thank workers after tough time, say trade unions
Workers in England and Wales should be given more bank holidays to thank them for "getting through these tough times", trade unions have said.
Britain's workforce is changing - now our unions must catch up | Eve Livingston
hat the election of Sharon Graham as Unite's new general secretary this week took many by surprise says much about today's union movement and its place in society.