Woolworths suspends orders from South Australia meatworks allowed to operate with Covid-infected staff
Woolworths has suspended supplies from a South Australia meatworks that was given state government approval to operate while some staff were Covid positive.
New complaints procedure to come into effect after unlawful Salmond probe
Complaints about current and former Scottish Government ministers will be handled by external and independent investigators following the unlawful investigation into claims of sexual harassment by Alex Salmond
'Extreme urgency or events unforeseen': Australian government buys up $62m worth of rapid antigen tests
The federal health department bought $62m worth of rapid antigen tests on Monday using the "extreme urgency or events unforeseen" provisions of its procurement rules as it seeks to secure stock to meet its commitment to provide free rapid antigen tests to lower-income Australians.
Government failing to take ethnicity pay gap seriously, experts warn
Ministers are failing to take ethnicity pay gap reporting seriously, experts have warned during a parliamentary session on the topic.
Chicken out of stock: meat in short supply on Australian supermarket shelves and at KFC
A staple of the Australian diet is the latest victim of the Omicron crisis, as staff shortages hit Australia's biggest chicken supplier and shelves go empty.
Portland City Workers Prepared to Strike Over Low Wages
More than one thousand workers employed by the city of Portland could go on strike by mid-January if the two sides are unable to reach a compromise on an open labor contract.
Staff absences likely to rise in schools this term, Education Secretary admits
Staff absences are likely to rise in schools this term, the Education Secretary has admitted.
Unions challenge schools asking staff to teach merged classes amid shortages
Schools which routinely ask staff to teach more pupils in merged classes amid teacher shortages should be challenged, education unions have said.
Growing pressure on hospitals from Covid-19, says HSE chief
Hospitals are suspending elective care amid growing pressure on the health system from Covid-19, the HSE chief has said.
Covid-19 testing system to remain under pressure for weeks, health official says
The Covid-19 testing system in Ireland is expected to remain under major pressure in the coming days, a senior health official has said.