Here's how to get the Google Play Store running on Windows 11
A developer and design student has managed to get the Google Play Store working on Windows 11.
Despite Nigeria's problems, President Buhari is building a legacy of hope | Tolu Ogunlesi
Nigeria has faced challenges for as long as anyone can remember. But one problem Nigerians don't talk about is our collective inability to acknowledge where progress is being made.
Rogers family feud continues as Edward says family gave him the OK to plan for new CEO | CBC News
Edward Rogers says his bid to oust the CEO of the telecom conglomerate his father founded had the support of other members of his family, before they changed their mind.
US bans China Telecom over national security concerns
The US communications regulator has voted to revoke China Telecom's licence in America over national security concerns in the latest pushback by Washington against what it deems possible infiltration of key networks by Chinese companies.
How to Deal with Shame
Shame is a debilitating feeling that takes over the mind and body. It can make you feel small and incomplete while building walls around you to keep out compassion.
Unvaccinated L.A. city workers will have more time to get COVID-19 shots
Los Angeles police officers, firefighters and other city workers who have yet to get vaccinated against COVID-19 will have more time to get the shots under a plan approved Tuesday by the City Council.
Lazarus Attackers Turn to the IT Supply Chain
Kaspersky researchers saw The North Korean state APT use a new variant of the BlindingCan RAT to breach a Latvian IT vendor and then a South Korean think tank.
The 2021 Digiday Awards Shortlist
In what is still a time of uncertainty, with some parts of the world navigating a great reopening and other parts grappling with COVID-19 variants and limited vaccine access (or adoption), the nature of consumer behavior is constantly changing.
Using axios.all to make concurrent requests - LogRocket Blog
axios.all is a helper method built into Axios to deal with concurrent requests.