BBC bosses pledge to 'make strong case' to Government amid axing of licence fee
BBC bosses have pledged to "continue to make a strong case to the Government for investing" in the corporation after the licence fee came under fire.
LeBron James' Lakers teammates also can't believe what he's doing at age 37
As even he has marveled at on Instagram, LeBron James has had some incredible scoring stretches throughout his career. But the current one he's on with the Lakers is one of his best ever.
Pope Francis Called Out On Twitter For Suggesting Couples Who Opt For Pets Over Children Are 'Selfish' - Social Media Explorer
ROME, ITALIA - DECEMBER 08: Pope Francis prays at the Immaculate Conceptionon Statue ... [+]
Oskar Steen Continues To Prove Why He Deserves Long-Term Look From Bruins
Oskar Steen is making a strong case to stay with the Boston Bruins even once their roster is 100% healthy.
Podcast: Small-ball has become the Lakers' identity
With their 122-114 win over the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday, the Los Angeles Lakers have now won four of their last five games, are inching closer to solidifying and having a full rotation they can be confident in, and finally seem to have captured some momentum.
The Year in Fitness: Shorter Workouts, Greater Clarity, Longer Lives
The most vital exercise science of 2021 provided a reminder that our bodies and minds can flourish, no matter our circumstances.
Validate Email Addresses in Python with email-validator
Whether you are creating a registration form for your website or you just need to delete all invalid email addresses from your mailing list, you can't help but perform the process of email validation.
'Mothers, Fathers, and Others' addresses the realities of motherhood
Mothers, Fathers, and Others: Essays by Siri Hustvedt Simon & Schuster In one of the essays in Mothers, Fathers, and Others, Siri Hustvedt recalls a harrowing incident in which her unbelted toddler daughter Sophie nearly fell out of her stroller as they were descending on an escalator.
Chelsea's request to delay game refused
Chelsea are "angry" that their request to postpone Sunday's Premier League game at Wolves because of a Covid-19 outbreak was rejected, said Blues manager Thomas Tuchel.
Bank of England raises interest rates to 0.25%
The Bank of England has unexpectedly raised interest rates for the first time in three years amid growing concerns over inflation, despite the rapid spread of the coronavirus Omicron variant.