Image branding with ImageKit and Vue.js - LogRocket Blog
ImageKit is an image CDN service with real-time image optimization facilities. With ImageKit, you can perform many operations on an image, like transforming a picture or adding an overlay.
This warm spinach artichoke dip is extra creamy, with a little added zip
Spinach Artichoke Dip
Creamy spinach and artichoke dip is always a hit.
7 Self-Help Books For Men That Are Actually Helpful
Want to be happier? More chill? Less anxious? Better at work and better at home? Don't we all. But, as you're in the thick of fatherhood, this can be a bit hard to pull off. Or at least it can.
I Was Diagnosed With Cancer the Day My Daughter Was Born. Here's How We Coped.
The first years of parenting are hard for any couple. But for Roxanne and Eric LaManna, who live in upstate New York, they were beyond imaginable.
Investors wheel and deal with three hotels in Silicon Valley amid virus uncertainties
SAN JOSE - Three Silicon Valley hotels have landed new ownership deals that suggest investors hunger for lodging properties in the tech-laden region despite coronavirus-linked uncertainties.
US says it will send troops to eastern Europe if Russia invades Ukraine
The US has said it would send reinforcements to Nato's eastern flank in the wake of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, as well as imposing severe new economic measures, in a warning to Moscow on the eve of talks between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.
Analysis | A Massive Yield-Curve Headache Awaits the Federal Reserve
Federal Reserve officials, now in a self-imposed blackout period before their Dec. 15 decision, have made their policy pivot clear.
How a carbon tax can fight inequality and climate change
Carbon taxes can attract a lot of flak.
This Beef Delivery App Lets You Crowd Share an Entire Steer
A great way to tackle grilling season: Go in on a full steer with a bunch of friends, and divvy up the meat between you.