API with NestJS #42. Authenticating users with Google
Authenticating users with emails and passwords is a valid and common approach. However, a convenient alternative is to shift this responsibility to a third party.
react-tracked - so helpful tool
Good old React and good old React problems.
Olympics Live Updates: Biles Makes Tokyo Debut
Current time in Tokyo: July 25, 7:41 a.m.
Two words: Simone Biles.
What to Watch as Baseball and Softball Return to the Olympics
The sports are back after a 13-year absence, with just six countries competing in each. Here's how the tournaments work.
Jim Hall: Ten Tracks I Can't Live Without...by Mike Rud
When I was in high school, around 1985, I got my first taste of Jim Hall's music when I took some of his albums out of the Edmonton Public Library.
Search Engine Optimization Strategies for eCommerce Sites | BK Reader
Eighty-five percent of customers conduct online product research first before making a purchasing decision. These statistics amplify the need for eCommerce businesses to optimize online experiences.
Using Chart.js in React - LogRocket Blog
Data visualization has always been an important part of software engineering and frontend development in particular.
Build a CRUD API using the Google Sheets API - LogRocket Blog
As the name suggests, the Google Sheets API lets you connect an existing spreadsheet, parse its available data, and pass it to your web application.
How to Create a High-Converting eCommerce Landing Page
A well-designed product landing page is an important tool for convincing people to purchase from your online store; yet, most e-businesses do not know how to establish an eCommerce landing page that converts traffic into sales.
Building an animated loader in React Native - LogRocket Blog
React Native is an amazing library for developers looking to build mobile apps with speed. It provides an efficient way of displaying information to the frontend.