German elections: child journalists leave leading CDU candidate fumbling for words
Armin Laschet has had a hard enough time convincing German voters that he is the right candidate to lead the country for the next four years.
Two Maine senators, both vaccinated, test positive for COVID
Maine Senate President Troy Jackson and Senate Major Leader Eloise Vitelli both tested positive.
Kashmir Plunged Into Internet and Phone Blackout After Death of Resistance Leader
One of the most important resistance leaders in Indian-controlled Kashmir, the site of the world's longest and most militarized conflict, has died.
US poverty fell in 2020 as government support offset pandemic damage
US poverty fell in 2020, evidence that government aid can lift millions of Americans out of poverty - even in a global health and economic crisis.
Merkel's party ahead in local votes in northern German state
The center-right candidate hoping to succeed German Chancellor Angela Merkel is celebrating his party's narrow victory in local elections in a northern German state, two weeks before a national election in which he is struggling in the polls.
Wildfire Took These Families' Homes. Here's Why They Stay.
Thousands of homes were destroyed last year in the Almeda Fire - Oregon's most destructive in years. Many are still displaced. What keeps them from leaving? Unbreakable bonds.
Extremely Deadly Virus Spreading in India
The state government of Kerala in India is currently scrambling to fight an outbreak of the extremely deadly Nipah virus after it killed a 12-year-old boy on Sunday.
Virginia to remove Robert E Lee statue from state capital Richmond
One of the largest Confederate statues still on full public display in the US is to be removed on Wednesday when the authorities take down the towering bronze depiction of General Robert E Lee from Richmond, Virginia, the former capital of the confederacy.
Zero extinction target for NSW national parks welcomed by environment groups
The NSW government has set a target of zero extinctions of native wildlife in the state's national parks estate, the first time an Australian government has set the goal.
South Australia facial recognition trial: Covid app blasted by Fox and Breitbart criticised over lack of safeguards
Civil liberty groups say an app being trialled in South Australia that uses facial recognition and geolocation to enforce home quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic should not be used until the proper safeguards are in place.