TikTok updates US privacy policy to collect 'faceprints and voiceprints' (but won't explain what they are)
As is often the case with privacy policies, there's a lot of conflation here between outcomes that users are probably fine with (like adding video effects) and outcomes they might think are more invasive (like ad targeting and "demographic classification.") 1There's also a lot of broad language used in order to cover any future updates TikTok might add to the platform. 1
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Ministers back down over limiting travel to English Covid hotspots
The controversial guidance directly affected 1.7 million people living in eight local authorities - Bedford, Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Kirklees, Leicester, North Tyneside and the London borough of Hounslow - as well as many others who had holidays or family visits planned to those areas following the easing of restrictions. 1
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How your medical data can save lives | Letters
enan Malik entered an argument with many facets (" Tell me how you'll use my medical data. Only then might I sign up ", Comment).
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Fast Food Chains Return To The UK, Pounce On Available Space
Fast food restaurants are returning in droves to the United Kingdom amid a glut of retail and dining spaces.
New Zealand's campaign finance laws are broken. That can have enormous consequences | Pete McKenzie
he spokesperson for Aotearoa New Zealand's Green party was genuinely surprised.
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