Tennessee Jewish couple's lawsuit accuses Christian agency of denying them foster care services
A Jewish couple from Tennessee has filed a lawsuit against the state's Department of Children's Services after a state-funded Christian program denied them foster care services for religious reasons.
Democrats near defeat with voting rights push poised to fail
A key part of President Biden's legislative agenda is headed toward another defeat Wednesday, handing Democrats their second high-profile setback in as many months.
Miami Heat: Memphis Hustle Spoil Mario Chalmers' Sioux Falls Debut
It was a chasing game in Mario Chalmers' debut for the Sioux Falls Skyforce, the Miami Heat's NBA G-League Affiliate. It was a night that also saw Brandon Knight's return to South Dakota.
Analysis | NIMBYism Is Good If the N Stands for Nuclear
The liberal college town of Amherst, Massachusetts, is considering a ban on new large-scale solar projects that's supported by, among other groups, the local chapter of the supposedly radical youth climate movement Sunrise.
Republican governor brags about anti-trans bills in campaign ad. But trans activists are mobilizing.
On Saturday, a series of rallies will take place across South Dakota to protest three bills targeting trans youth that are already being considered in the 2022 legislative session, as the state's Republican governor tries to use the attacks on trans youth to bolster her brand in advance of an election.
California's undergraduate enrollment dropped by about 250,000 during pandemic years
California's fall 2021 undergraduate enrollment dropped by nearly a quarter-million students since pre-pandemic fall 2019, according to a survey released Thursday.
Trump Ends NPR Interview After Challenges to False Fraud Claim
At the Monday hearing in the U.S. District Court for Washington, lawyers argued that Mr. Trump, by inspiring the riot, was liable for major financial damages.