Terminally ill former MP Frank Field announces his support for assisted dying law
Peers have been told former MP Frank Field is "dying", as he revealed his support for a bill enabling terminally ill people to legally seek assistance to end their lives.
Millions in US hope plan to expand dental care survives cuts to Biden's bill
Dory Adams, 67, who lives outside Atlanta, was diagnosed with osteoradionecrosis due to radiation treatment she received in 1999 for oral cancer.
Social Security Checks Will Suddenly Be Much Bigger- What to Expect
Social Security and Supplemental Security checks will go up at the end of this year in response to rising costs of living, the Social Security Administration announced today.
People must get used to higher food prices, Kraft Heinz boss says
People will have to get used to higher food prices, the boss of Kraft Heinz has warned.
UPDATE: How to access mental health services in France
The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a mental toll on people around the world. France is no exception.
More than 50 Countries Ask United Nations to Protect Intersex Rights
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Should you Apply Sales Tax as a Social Media Influencer? - Social Media Explorer
The question of whether or not you need to apply sales tax as a social media influencer has been debated for years.
The pandemic ought to be the turning point in the debate about private schools | Frances Ryan
Keir Starmer's pledge earlier this week to end the lucrative tax breaks given to private schools has predictably brought out the usual critics.
Ask a social security expert anything about universal credit changes
A staggering 6 million people across the UK are set to lose £20 a week from their welfare support from Friday (1 October), as the government cuts the amount people on universal credit are receiving.