Amazon is building a Clubhouse competitor that turns hosts into DJs
Amazon is next on the list of companies getting into the live audio game.
Allbirds, Informatica, Arteris, Udemy, Nextdoor and Aurora Innovation get set to go public - Silicon Valley Business Journal
The parade of Bay Area companies heading to Wall Street just keeps on coming.
This week, three local companies are expected to complete initial public offerings.
Role of BBC political editor highlighted by expected exit of Laura Kuenssberg
Officially, the person who replaces Laura Kuenssberg as political editor will be picked by a team of BBC senior managers and the director general, Tim Davie, on the basis of which journalist is best placed to explain the workings of Westminster to tens of millions of Britons on a daily basis.
Google said it had successfully 'slowed down' privacy rules, according to lawsuit.
WASHINGTON - Google said in an internal document that it had successfully "slowed down" European privacy rules in collaboration with other tech companies, according to a legal filing released on Friday.
Trevor Noah Predicts Trump Will Post Dares on Truth Social
Noah did an impression of Trump posting on his new social media site: "OK, I shared my truth, now I dare you to hang Mike Pence."
Hackers lay claim to Donald Trump's social app before its launch.
Former President Donald J. Trump declared on Wednesday evening that he would start a "media powerhouse."