Data Analyst AND Data Scientist: Can You Really Be Both?
Example of a Data Analyst / Scientist job posting.
Photo by author.
I recently came across a job offer entitled Data Analyst / Data Scientist.
Far-right groups tell supporters planned Washington rally is a government 'trap'
Extremist groups and prominent rightwing figures are warning supporters not to attend a far-right rally in support of the people arrested for participating in the 6 January Capitol attack, calling the event a "false flag" and a "trap".
Eitan Biran: the cable car crash survivor at centre of custody battle
That a single person survived when a cable car crashed in northern Italy was nothing short of a miracle.
Price on Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi's Pasadena Mansion Slashed-Again
While courts and creditors sort out whether Bravo-lebrity Erika Jayne and her estranged husband, the lawyer Tom Girardi, funded their lavish lifestyle with money stolen from his clients, the value of one of their major assets-a mansion in Pasadena, CA-continues to plummet by more than a million dollars every month.
Austin pharmacist gets 300 prescriptions a day for Ivermectin
The FDA warns large doses are dangerous to humans. Clinical studies are underway to see if the doctor-prescribed medicine for humans can treat COVID-19.
I Didn't Want to Push My Aunt to Get the Vaccine. Now I Live With Regrets
In normal times, the ICU is a dreadful place.
Sickness lingers like a fog.
You can feel it, sense it, even hear itthe machinery pumping, the alarms ringing, the nurses scrambling.
What we learned from the annual survey of New England sports fans
The Patriots and Celtics basically flipped this year.
How a TV Ad Enticed Broadway Crowds Right After 9/11
Rudy Giuliani was meant to appear; Elaine Stritch arrived just in time. Recalling the "I Love New York" spot that helped dispel the fear in Times Square.
Home affairs: New Zealanders forced to turn to dating sites to find a mortgage mate
t is a truth universally acknowledged," Jane Austen wrote in 1813, "that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife."
Mural tribute to pandemic shop workers citicised as not 'inclusive' enough
A mural designed as a tribute to shop staff who worked through the pandemic has been criticised because it only depicts white people.