Walgreens Testing Drone Deliveries in Texas
Retail pharmacy chain Walgreens and Google affiliate Wing will test drone deliveries in Texas next week in the city of Frisco and the town of Little Elm.
Scientists reveal evidence of one galaxy swallowing up another galaxy
The Large Magellanic Cloud - a small galaxy the orbits the Milky Way at a distance of about 160,000 light years - seems to have swallowed up an even smaller galaxy sometime in the cosmic past.
Foundation: the VFX secrets of Apple's epic sci-fi series
Foundation is Apple TV+'s adaption of the seminal sci-fi book series by Isaac Asimov.
These Neural Networks Know What They're Doing
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have demonstrated that a specific neural network can learn the cause-and-effect structure of a navigation task it is taught.
How a Nuclear Bomb Could Save Earth From a Stealthy Asteroid
One day, astronomers may spot an asteroid months away from a cataclysmic rendezvous with Earth.
Virtual Obstacle Courses Help Real Robots Learn to Walk
Researchers at Switzerland's ETH Zurich and chipmaker Nvidia developed an army of more than 4,000 simulated doglike robots and used them to train an algorithm to control a real-world robot's legs.
Simulating how just a little gender bias in the workplace can lead to big effects up the chain
Yuhao Du, Jessica Nordell, and Kenneth Joseph used simulations to study the effects of small gender biases at entry level up to executive level. It doesn't take much to skew the distribution.
Google Wants to Use AI to Time Traffic Lights More Efficiently
Google said it intends to test the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize traffic-signal timing in Rio de Janeiro, following a successful implementation in Israel.
Braves vs Brewers predictions: Who will come out on top in the NLDS
It is that time of the year again. Postseason baseball is here and the Atlanta Braves will officially begin play in the NLDS later today in Game 1 against the Milwaukee Brewers.
Iron Man Vs. Magneto Is Tearing the Internet Apart
If there's two things the internet loves, it's arguing and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.