Savage Love: Get Out
I have a friend who is a trans man. Recently he just got out of a shitty relationship. His ex suddenly lost interest in him and wouldn't work with him on fixing it. He's heartbroken.
Good Morning, News: Why Grand Juries Exonerate Cops, a "People for Portland" Takedown, and Record-Breaking Pandemic Overdoses
The Mercury provides news and fun every single day-but your help is essential.
30 Is Adele at Her All-Time Best
Adele is a volcano, stewing in secret for years until the moment she cuts loose and melts everything in her path.
Emotional Numbness: The Feeling of Being Empty and Numb Within
When we face difficult life situations or challenges we often find ourselves feeling empty and numb with questions like "why do I feel so empty inside" or "why does my mind feel blank" hovering over us.
Biogen's Controversial Alzheimer's Drug Was Connected to a Patient Death, Just As the Company Presented Its Final Study Data
To say that Biogen's Alzheimer's drug aduhelm is controversial wouldn't do its rocky road to approval justice.
A Quiet Studio With a Home-Court Advantage
Tim Burns, who trains basketball players, including N.B.A. pros, found a studio in Brooklyn for $3,150. His favorite amenity: the basketball court.
Raptors: Sam Dekker's goodbye to fans after being waived is touching
Masai Ujiri and the Toronto Raptors spent a good chunk of the preseason figuring out if non-guaranteed players like Sam Dekker, Isaac Bonga, and Ishmail Wainright were good enough to make the initial roster.
The FDA is probing whether the Moderna vaccine can cause a rare side effect in teens
The FDA review of Moderna's application for an emergency use authorization of its coronavirus vaccine in adolescents may not be completed before January, the company said.
FDA advisory committee recommends authorizing Pfizer's COVID vaccine for kids | CBC News
A U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee has voted in favour of Pfizer-BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine for children five to 11 years old.
Monads and Functors: Functional Programming
This article aims to cover fundamental concepts of functional programming.