'There Is Chaos'; Iran-Backed Militias Battle Activists in a Holy Iraqi City
Militia violence has driven antigovernment protesters underground and shaken Karbala, a city of gold-domed Shiite shrines.
Islamic State affiliate leader killed in raid, says Indonesian military
Indonesia's most wanted militant with ties to the Islamic State (IS) group has been killed in a gun battle with security forces, the military said, in a victory for the counter-terrorism campaign against extremists in the jungles of Sulawesi island.
Death of Jihadist Behind Attack on U.S. Soldiers Is Latest Blow for Militants
With France's killing of Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahraoui, experts say the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara has suffered a big loss, but caution against declaring victory.
Stung by Afghan debacle, EU forges ahead with security plans
Stung by the swift collapse of the Afghan army and the chaotic U.S.-led evacuation through Kabul airport, the European Union on Wednesday unveiled new plans to develop its own defense capacities to try to ensure that it has more freedom to act in future crises.
In Rural Afghanistan, War Remnants Everywhere, but no Shooting or Checkpoints
Since the Taliban takeover, much of Afghanistan's countryside has seen a big drop in violence after 20 years of fighting. "It has been a long time now since a bullet hit our homes."
Macron announces greater scrutiny of French police after racism and violence cases
"When you love your security forces you cannot let them get away with anything," Macron said, announcing a series of reforms aimed at boosting relations between the police and communities as well as improving officers' working conditions.
Taliban accused of killing 20 civilians in Panjshir valley
The Taliban have been accused of killing 20 civilians in Afghanistan's Panjshir valley, with the apparent killing of a man in uniform being caught on video.
German leadership candidate talks security amid party woes
The center-right candidate to succeed German Chancellor Angela Merkel touted his party's law-and-order and security credentials on Friday as he tried to turn around disappointing polls, questioning his left-leaning rival's stance toward the police and the military.
'Tomorrow they will kill me': Afghan female police officers live in fear of Taliban reprisals
Negar Masumi, a female police officer with 15 years of experience, was determined not to flee when the Taliban took control of her home province of Ghor in central Afghanistan.
Igor Oistrakh, Soviet-Era Violinist (and a Son of One), Dies at 90
His father, David, was one of the 20th-century's finest violinists, but Igor more than held his own as a musician and interpreter performing throughout the West.