Barnaby Joyce says Australia proved its commitment to France during world wars amid Aukus dispute
Acting prime minister Barnaby Joyce said Australia did not have to prove its "affinity" and "affection" for the French, because "tens of thousands of Australians died on French soil" during both world wars.
Australian PM says he understands France's 'disappointment' over submarine snub
Australia's prime minister has said he understands France's "disappointment" after his government ditched a multibillion-dollar submarine deal in favour of a pact with the United States and Britain.
Game-changer or irresponsible? The known unknowns on Australia's nuclear submarine deal
It started, as defence stories so often do, with an acronym.
NSW Covid update: state to trial seven-day home quarantine for international arrivals
New South Wales will introduce a home quarantine "pilot" for international arrivals, as the state works towards opening international borders.
Aukus deal showing France and EU that Biden not all he seems
Fury in Paris at Australia's decision to tear up plans to buy a French-built fleet of submarines is not only a row about a defence contract, cost overruns and technical specifications.
What are nuclear-powered submarines, anyway? A guide to Australia's looming military addition
The prime minister, Scott Morrison, announced on Thursday morning that Australia would be ripping up its multi-billion dollar contract with the French shipbuilder Naval Group and sign a new deal with the US and UK to acquire nuclear-powered submarines.
'That fella down under': Joe Biden forgets Scott Morrison's name during historic pact announcement
Scott Morrison has been called many things, but "that fella down under" may be the one that stays with the Australian prime minister the longest.
Climate change will be on agenda when Scott Morrison meets Joe Biden in the US
The Biden administration has confirmed climate change will be on the agenda next week when Scott Morrison arrives in Washington for a summit of Quad leaders and for talks with the US president.
What would it take for antivaxxers and climate science deniers to 'wake up'? | Clive Hamilton
In 1927, an article in the venerable medical journal the Lancet commented on the opposition to smallpox vaccination in terms that have an eerie resonance today.
Australia says climate change goals absent from proposed UK free trade deal
Australia's government confirmed that it refused to allow climate change goals to be written into a proposed free trade deal with Britain, as pressure mounts on it to make more ambitious commitments to cut carbon emissions.