London Festival of Architecture appoints Rosa Rogina as director
The London Festival of Architecture has been appointed a new director, Rosa Rogina, who is the event's outgoing programme director.
Most NHS staff vote to oppose 3% pay rise as union warns workers 'fed up'
NHS staff have voted overwhelmingly to oppose the government's 3% pay rise as Britain's biggest health union warned thousands of workers are "fed up of being taken for granted".
'Exhausted' healthcare workers vote to oppose 3% pay rise
Tens of thousands of "exhausted" healthcare works are fed up with being "taken for granted" and have voted overwhelmingly to challenge the government's 3 per cent pay increase.
A Celebrated Virtuoso on an Instrument She Wasn't Meant to Play
The hallowed tradition of kora playing in Sona Jobarteh's family passed down the male line. One of her teachers dismissed it as "an ethnic thing." But it has brought her international acclaim.
Joan Washington, Dialect Coach to the Stars, Dies at 74
She taught Barbra Streisand, Penélope Cruz and countless other performers how to sound like someone else.
BMA abandons opposition to assisted dying and adopts neutral stance
The British Medical Association has taken a neutral stance to assisted dying, abandoning its opposition to the issue.
Vulnerable children are victims of Tory policy | Letters
Another story about the lack of help for troubled children ( Sharp rise in acute medical beds occupied by children with nowhere else to go, 13 September) fills me with a sense of deja vu and despair.
Shortfall of 50,000 doctors may overwhelm NHS in winter, BMA warns
The NHS may be unable to cope this winter because of a "frightening" shortfall of more than 50,000 doctors, the head of the British Medical Association has warned.
Sharp rise in acute medical beds occupied by children with mental health issues
A third of all children's acute hospital beds in parts of England are being occupied by vulnerable children who do not need acute medical care but have nowhere else to go, safeguarding experts have warned.
BMA to issue damning critique of government over Covid crisis
Chronic neglect of the NHS, poor pandemic preparedness and flawed government policies have contributed to the appalling impact of the Covid-19 crisis in the UK, according to a damning assessment from the British Medical Association.