Policing Reform Negotiations Sputter in Congress Amid Partisan Bickering
After a Minneapolis jury in April found the white police officer who killed George Floyd guilty of murder, lawmakers in both parties were cautiously optimistic that the verdict would provide fresh momentum to break the impasse that had bedeviled negotiators since Mr. Floyd's death. 1President Biden gave his support, too, calling on Congress to act by the first anniversary of the murder, in late May. 1
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Reflections on Ed Azzam's 42 years as Westchester basketball coach
It was back in April, when the Los Angeles Unified School District announced there would be a basketball season after months of COVID-19 restrictions, that I called Westchester coach Ed Azzam to get his reaction.
Losing 'Freedom Day' is galling for Boris Johnson, but things could get worse
Boris Johnson has once again been persuaded that he must do the inevitable and cancel "Freedom Day" - a decision that will deeply rankle with him.
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Lordstown Motors' chief executive and chief financial officer resign.
Lordstown Motors, the electric vehicle start-up fighting for survival, announced on Monday the resignation of its chief executive, Steve Burns, and chief financial officer, Julio Rodriguez, after the results of a board investigation into an investor's report questioning the company's viability and statements about customer interest in its electric trucks.
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Where are you most likely to have your car stolen in Spain and which models are thieves after?
Car theft in Spain is by no means rife in Spain but it does happen and there are particular locations and specific car models that criminals target the most.
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