Foreigners taking our jobs? Not much chance of that now
n the eve of reshuffling his Alexander's Ragtime Band of cabinet ministers, the prime minister let it be known that he intended to fight the next election "around Brexit".
You voted Lndon one of the world's most exciting cities
But we fared badly against Manchester in almost everything else
Dirty, expensive, overcrowded: none of this is news for Londoners. Probably hasn't been news for about 2,000 years.
What we can learn from edtech startups' expansion efforts in Europe
It's a story common to all sectors today: investors only want to see 'uppy-righty' charts in a pitch.
Are podcasts too long? That's what Latino unadopters think (Edison Research) - RAIN News
In a new and intriguing Latino Podcast (non) Listener Report from Edison Research (sponsored by ADONDE Media, LWC Studios, Libsyn, PRX, Simplecast, SONORO, and SCM Media), one key survey question is - Why the heck don't you listen?
Want to boost the ROI of data? Invest in DevOps and use innovation metrics that don't focus on money
Splunk's State of Data Innovation report identifies 9 strategies data leaders use to turn information into action and ideas into reality.
Image: mokee81, Getty Images/iStockphoto
Have you tried to guess your boss's password? Lots of workers have, according to a report
An August Beyond Identity report takes a look at people's password protection habits as well as their tendencies to guess other folk's passwords.
Image: GettyImages/GaudiLab
Small businesses need to step up efforts to secure and retain hybrid workers
Only 31% are shipping laptops to employees and nearly half have spent their own money on a remote workspace, a survey from GetApp finds.
German election roundup: Support for Scholz high, Berlin vote and cat fights
With just over a week until to the election, polls remain stable.
A 30% female author experiment in political science syllabi
Prior research has shown a gender gap on syllabi in some fields, wherein the authors of assigned readings don't represent the gender diversity of the field.
Supreme Court Approval Hits Historic Low Over Failure to Stop Texas Abortion Ban
A new poll shows that the United States Supreme Court has received its lowest approval rating ever - just two weeks after the Court refused to hear arguments seeking to invalidate a Texas law restricting abortion access after six weeks of pregnancy.