Mic drop: Republican senator's claim of button to silence Biden draws chuckles
The secretary of state, Antony Blinken, fought back laughter on Capitol Hill on Tuesday as the Republican senator James Risch relentlessly questioned him about a rumor that someone on the White House staff "pushes the button and cuts [Joe Biden] off mid-sentence" with a wireless device.
Biden Brushes Off GOP Threats To Sue Over Vaccine Mandates
President Joe Biden tours Brookland Middle School in Washington on Friday.
Trump endorses a Cheney challenger, aiming to unseat a chief detractor.
Mr. Trump threw his support behind Harriet Hageman, a former Republican National Committee official and a 2018 candidate for governor in Wyoming, in a bid to consolidate his supporters behind a single rival to the incumbent congresswoman. 1
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Ted Cruz's campaign may have spent $150,000 on copies of his book
Ted Cruz's campaign spent more than $150,000 at US book chain Books-A-Million in the months after the Texas senator's book was published, Forbes has reported.
GOP Quietly Deletes Praise for Trump-Taliban Deal From RNC Website
The Republican National Committee (RNC) removed a webpage praising former President Donald Trump for making a "historic peace agreement" with the Taliban on Monday amid chaos as the group took over the Afghanistan government.
Trump Has Built War Chest of More Than $100 Million
In the first half of 2021, the former president raised far more money online than any other Republican, federal records show. But his team claimed he had raised more than he actually did.