Two Anti-Trans Laws Blocked by Federal Judges in Arkansas & West Virginia
Two federal judges made separate rulings on Wednesday blocking restrictions that Republican lawmakers had put in place regarding trans youth's access to health care and their participation in sports.
Why Jim Banks and Jim Jordan Were Blocked From the Capitol Riot Panel
WASHINGTON - The two House Republicans Speaker Nancy Pelosi barred from a select committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol are both staunch defenders of former President Donald J. Trump who backed his efforts to invalidate the election and have opposed investigating the assault on Congress.
Majority of McCarthy's January 6 Commission Picks Voted to Overturn Election
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) has chosen five Republican members to serve on the select committee to investigate the attack on the Capitol on January 6 - and a majority of those chosen are people who voted to overturn the election on that day.
'Quorum Trap' | Lawmakers resort to 'desperate measures' to coerce Democrats back to Austin
"Desperate times call for desperate measures," said Rep. Briscoe Cain.
Good Morning, News: Oregon Wildfire Update, Prepping for the Next Climate Emergency, and You Might Not Need a COVID Booster
The Mercury provides news and fun every single day-but your help is essential.
The local reporter who broke the Nikole Hannah-Jones/UNC story also got her latest exclusive - Poynter
How are you ahead of this story? another reporter recently asked Joe Killian.
Poll Finds Majority of Americans Worry More About Access to Voting Than Fraud
A new poll suggests that most voters in the U.S. think democracy is under threat, with a majority also stating that they are more concerned about making voting easier than rooting out supposed fraud in elections.