Justin Trudeau's bid for third term in balance as Canada goes to polls
As Canadians head to the polls on Monday, prime minister Justin Trudeau will be watching nervously to see if his gamble to call an election will win his party more power in parliament - or leave him with even fewer seats and rivals sensing a growing political weakness.
A Kinder, Gentler 'Death Squad': Ten Years in, Despite Some Reforms, the USPTO is Still Killing U.S. Patents
"On the 10 th anniversary of the AIA, the story should be that today, thanks to the reforms of Director Iancu, the PTAB is not as bad as its critics say, nor as good as its defenders claim."
Apps, colour-coded stickers just some of the hoops students must jump through to get on campus | CBC News
To get back onto campus, Canadian post-secondary students are coming face-to-face with new COVID-19 vaccination policies - many only announced or confirmed by school officials in recent weeks.
North Africa COVID cases plummeting after summer spike
Weeks after Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Libya were hit hard by COVID infections, case numbers are now declining fast.
'China's Lehman Brothers moment': Evergrande crisis rattles economy
he crisis engulfing Evergrande, China's second-biggest property company, is the greatest test yet of President Xi Jinping's effort to reform the debt-ridden behemoths of the Chinese economy.
Students are destroying bathrooms, swiping school supplies in latest TikTok challenge gone awry
In recent weeks, an unusual phenomenon has rippled through schools across much of the country: As students returned to class, bathroom toilets, soap dispensers, science lab microscopes, parking signs and desks have disappeared or been damaged.
Justice Clarence Thomas Says The Supreme Court Is Flawed But Still Works
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas listens during a ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 26, 2020.
India boosts its Covid vaccine drive with 20 million shots given on Modi's birthday.
India's far-reaching effort to vaccinate its vast population against Covid-19 hit another milestone on Friday: Its health ministry said that a record 20 million shots had been administered in nine hours, a special push to mark the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and celebrate his 20 years in public office.
In Panjshir, Few Signs of an Active Resistance, or Any Fight at All
On a recent visit, few civilians were about and signs of heavy fighting were scarce. What remained were opposing narratives and claims of massacres, ethnic cleansing and false charges.
Fast-food customers are back, but workers are not. It's triggering major change.
Fast-food restaurants have a problem: Customers are returning but workers aren't.
And, increasingly, neither are their dining rooms.