The BBC fights suggestions that it convert to a subscription model: "The principle of universality is absolutely the debate here"
The U.K. culture secretary tweeted over the weekend that the license fee model the BBC relies on would end when the current deal expires in 2027.
Bichotte, Barrons in proxy battle for East New York Assembly seat * Brooklyn Paper
The dynastic Barrons could see their East New York political dominion snatched away if a special election scheduled for next month goes the way of Brooklyn Democratic Party bosses.
Anti-vax Community Blasts Trump After Pro-shot Comments - Towleroad Gay News
By Alexandra Ulmer
After he touts the shot, anti-vax crowd blasts Trump
Former Republican President Donald Trump's recent comments touting COVID-19 vaccines as safe and a major achievement of his presidency have roiled extreme anti-vaxers, which include many of his ardent supporters.
Sen. Raphael Warnock Urges End to Filibuster, Passage of Voting Rights Bills
Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia implored conservative members of his party to stop obstructing voting rights legislation in a powerful speech on the floor of the Senate Tuesday.
Dominic Raab's paper seen as fulfilment of quest to destroy Human Rights Act
It may bear the unassuming title of a "consultation paper".
Browns: Baker Mayfield, Kevin Stefanski dealing with clear 'disconnect' over play-calling
When Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner sat down with Baker Mayfield, he may have nabbed a scoop alluding to drama beyond Odell Beckham Jr.
The no-win politics of defending democracy
The problem with metaphors of war when talking about politics is that they risk normalizing a blithe, abstract attitude towards violence.