New Hampshire bishop accused of abusing teenage boy
The abuse resulted in "physical, psychological and emotional injuries," the lawsuit says.
Emergency mental health patients to get help within hour under NHS England plan
People arriving at A&E suffering a mental health crisis will receive urgent help within an hour under a new plan to bring in treatment targets for those with psychological and psychiatric problems.
'Was the Astor Place Kmart Haunted?' and Other Thoughts on Its Closing
At least that was the case for all those who shared online tributes to the store after it closed abruptly on July 11. 1
"Everything just felt weird and vaguely creepy," Mr. Peikert, 37, said of the store by phone. 1"I referred to that Kmart as an episode of 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' 1, but truly, it felt like someone from the Midnight Society was telling a crazy story about consumerism." 1
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A new start after 60: 'I handed in my notice - and opened my dream bookshop'
ll her life, Carole-Ann Warburton kept a little hope glowing at the back of her mind. "You're living your life. And every now and then you think: 'I have a dream.'"
Do you work too hard? It might be time to try being imperfect | Barbara Rysenbry
As a psychologist working in the Sydney CBD, I see many people working in high-performance workplace cultures across various business sectors.
Weekly Report 2021, July 12 - 18 - ukasz Langa
First week of work done. While there are bigger overarching goals for the role, this week I decided to dive right into PR review which looking at our growing open PR numbers needs more help.
Review: Doc explores Anthony Bourdain's own 'parts unknown'
There are many startling moments in "Roadrunner," Morgan Neville's rich and moving documentary about the singular culinary storyteller Anthony Bourdain who tragically took his life at the age of 61.
The New Rules of Wine Glasses? There are No Rules. | Wine Enthusiast
Stephanie Summerson Hall's earliest childhood memories are soaked in a kaleidoscope of color. Hall's grandmother, Estelle, was an avid collector of Depression-era glassware.
Why sending your kid to childcare isn't 'outsourcing parenting'
A Coalition party room meeting last month debated the A$1.7 billion childcare package announced in the budget, which would increase subsidies for families with more than one child in care and remove a cap on subsidies for higher-income families.