Labour pledges same rights for all workers from day one of jobs
All workers from direct employees to those in the gig economy would be eligible for sick pay, holiday, parental leave and the minimum wage from day one of their jobs under new plans announced by Labour.
Austin ISD announces virtual learning options for upcoming school year
The Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting on Monday at 5 p.m. to discuss COVID-19 data, safety protocols and protection measures.
Lawmakers petition Gov. Greg Abbott to reverse mask mandate ban for schools
AUSTIN, Texas - Texas lawmakers are petitioning Governor Greg Abbott to reconsider his ban on mask mandates.
Do I? My quest to get to the bottom of our obsession with marriage
'm in the pub on a Thursday and I'm complaining, again, about Yet Another Person Getting Married.
Groups urge Maine to protect last wild Atlantic salmon in US
A coalition of environmental groups and scientists said the fish should be added to Maine's list of endangered and threatened species.
7 things to expect when selling a manufacturing business - Portland Business Journal
Knowing what to expect when going into the sale process and teaming up with experienced advisors is critical to making the sale of your business the crowning achievement of all of your hard work.
Kaseya obtains universal decryptor key for recent REvil ransomware attacks
A company spokesperson confirmed that the key works but won't reveal the source, saying only that it came from a trusted third party.
Image: mundissima/Shutterstock
Two Anti-Trans Laws Blocked by Federal Judges in Arkansas & West Virginia
Two federal judges made separate rulings on Wednesday blocking restrictions that Republican lawmakers had put in place regarding trans youth's access to health care and their participation in sports.
SF Would Shut Down Indoor Dining Again if the Color Tiers Were Still in Play
If California were still operating under the color-coded reopening plan that ended on June 15, at least three Bay Area counties - including San Francisco - would have to shut down indoor dining based on their current rates of COVID-19.
Police to get new top role to tackle violence against women and girls
A new police role is to be created with a focus on tackling violence against women and girls.