Britain Signals Intent to Revert to the Imperial System
The government announced plans to allow shops to sell produce in pounds and ounces, rather than using the metric system, as part of an effort to "capitalize on new Brexit freedoms."
Pelosi warns UK not to imperil N Ireland peace with Brexit
House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned Britain on Friday that there will be no U.S.-U.K. trade deal unless the British government solves post-Brexit disagreements with the European Union that risk destabilizing Northern Ireland's peace.
What the papers say September 17
A variety of stories are making headlines, ranging from the new AUKUS pact between the US, UK and Australia to holidays abroad and climate campaigners.
Reshuffle compared to Margaret Thatcher's 1981 'purge of the wets'
For a man often said to be a people pleaser and conflict avoider, in his two years as prime minister Boris Johnson has sacked 27 cabinet ministers.
Shilton calls for change to gambling laws
Former England goalkeeper Peter Shilton says gambling advertising in football "needs to change" because football shirts are a "backdoor way" of exposing youngsters to the industry.
PM won't rule out sport Covid passports
Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would not rule out introducing mandatory Covid passports for people attending sporting events in England this winter.
What the COVID-19 Winter Plan Means for Restaurants in England
The Covid winter plan, which lays out the future of Covid-19 restrictions and measures, and the possibility of coronavirus lockdown in England, has very little in it for restaurants, which tells its own story: Barring catastrophe, restaurants' uncertainty - at least, that which is directly caused by the pandemic - is over.
Analysis | Should Your Kids Be Vaccinated Against Covid-19?
The U.K. has decided to offer inoculations against Covid-19 to children aged 12 to 15 - but with just one shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.
UK must prepare for more economic shocks, says TUC
"Covid is not going to be a one-off," the union federation's general secretary, Frances O'Grady, will tell its annual congress later on Monday.
A New Sports Star Showcases the Diversity of a More Complex Britain
Emma Raducanu, 18, galvanized the nation with her triumph in the U.S. Open, drawing congratulations from royalty and inspiring pride in her hometown outside London.