City officials open Vax the Northwest COVID-19 mega-clinic in Toronto | CBC News
Toronto officials officially opened a one-day COVID-19 vaccination mega-clinic in the city's northwest on Sunday.
For L.A. 'battlefield hospital,' latest COVID surge comes with a familiar rhythm
A man with painfully swollen legs from congestive heart failure lies on a gurney outside the emergency room, looking up at a leaden sky that is threatening rain.
Former Vermont lawmaker dies using medical suicide law he helped pass nearly a decade ago
"His life was cut short by mucosal melanoma, but it was remarkably full and well-lived."
Why humans are losing the race against superbugs
MRSA, depicted above in yellow and surrounded by cellular debris, is the name of a staph bacteria that resists treatment by many common antibiotics.
The image is from a scanning electron micrograph.
New Zealand banks reject home loans over spending on Christmas gifts and pets as tighter rules hit
Banks in New Zealand are rejecting home-loans over minor frivolous spending, including a $187 Kmart Christmas shop and a daily drink bought at a corner store, and money spent on pets or petrol, pushing the government to investigate whether banks are overreacting to new finance rules designed to protect vulnerable borrowers from predatory lenders.
CVS and Walgreens temporarily shut some stores as Omicron cases soar.
CVS and Walgreens, two of the biggest pharmacy chains in the United States, are temporarily closing some stores this weekend because of staff shortages complicated by the soaring number of people infected with the Omicron variant.
Mexico sees fake molnupiravir, 1 week after drug approved
MEXICO CITY - Mexico said Friday it is already seeing black market or fake versions of molnupiravir circulating for sale, just one week after authorities approved the drug to treat those at risk of severe COVID-19.
More free rapid COVID tests are coming. Here's what we know so far
The demand for home COVID test kits is so great, they're hard to find and increasingly hard to afford. But soon, people who have health insurance will be able to solve at least one of those problems.
COVID: Insurers will start paying for rapid, at-home tests this week
(CNN) - Health insurers must cover the cost of home Covid-19 tests starting January 15, the US Department of Health and Human Services announced Monday.