WikiLeaks' Intent in Publishing (and Not Publishing) CIA's Hacking Tools Was To Wreck the Organization - emptywheel
One of several things that are missing from the coverage of Yahoo's clickbait story about the things CIA was not permitted to do in the wake of learning its hacking tools had been stolen is that WikiLeaks helped Ed Snowden flee with the specific intent of inspiring someone like Joshua Schulte, the alleged Vault 7 leaker, to steal those files with the goal of "wrecking" the CIA.
Activision Blizzard to create $18 million fund for harassment victims in federal employment agency settlement
Embattled major gaming company Activision Blizzard has agreed to create an $18 million fund to compensate harassment and discrimination victims after facing investigation and a lawsuit from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
At the AU Museum, two artists take on a fraught natural world, from different angles
Pennsylvania artists Diane Burko and Rebecca Kamen are in the tradition of classical and Renaissance polymaths who combined art-making with studying the natural world.
France offers state-funded therapy, tackles mental health
PARIS - Psychology appointments in France will be funded by the government starting next year, the president announced Tuesday, amid growing awareness and concern about the importance of mental health.
Macron says Europeans need to stop being naive and assert independence from the United States
PARIS - French President Emmanuel Macron urged Europeans to "come out of their naivete" on the world stage and assert their independence from the United States, sending one of the strongest signals to date that the diplomatic crisis prompted by a disrupted submarine deal could have long-lasting repercussions on transatlantic relations.
Stocks fall as treasury yields ramp up to three-month high
U.S. stocks markets tumbled Tuesday as investors fled from high-flying tech stocks, dragged down as Treasury yields hit their highest levels since June.
Live updates: What to expect from Amazon's product launch
It's that time of the year again when Amazon launches its slate of updated hardware and services.
Homemade quick-pickled peppers are so easy to make. Here's how.
Quick-Pickled Jalapeños
There's nothing like the slap of heat and bracing acidity of a pickled pepper.
Analysis | What Naftali Bennett Didn't Say at the United Nations
Naftali Bennett's speech on Monday at the United Nations General Assembly marked his debut on the world stage. He had a tough act to follow.
Analysis | Afghanistan Debacle Aside, U.S. Isn't Done With Nation-Building
America may say that it's done with nation-building, but don't believe it.