13 "Surprise Toys" Your Kids Will Actually Enjoy
Love them or hate them, mystery toys are not going anywhere.
After 40 Years, Abba Takes a Chance With Its Legacy
The Great Read
How one of the biggest pop groups in the world secretly reunited to make a new album and a high-tech stage show featuring digital avatars of themselves - from 1979.
Mass Effect: How to Indoctrinate Users with UX Consistency
In the three games, the dialogue wheel provides the choices for the two different paths in a very clear way.
Blue and/or position on the top of the wheel - Paragon
Addressable TV Advertising: New Opportunities for International Advertisers to Reach European Audiences
This white paper is underpinned by smartclip data, compiled over the last four years, which reveals a significant year-over-year growth for ATV in Europe.
Exploring the "Little Things" That Lead to Big Magic With departo
New to the Design Milk Shop, creates more than dinnerware.
This Little Girl Amazed By Michelle Obama's Portrait Goes Viral
After being shared on Facebook, a powerful picture of a little black girl staring in awe at First Lady Michelle Obama 's official White House portrait in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C. is going viral.
MIT expert on work says any boss who thinks employees will return to offices is dreaming
Thomas Malone knows a thing or two about the future of work - he literally wrote the book on it. That was back in 2004, of course, when "corona" was just a questionable beer.
14 Toys Launched On Kickstarter That You Can Buy Right Now
Kickstarter is driving a board game renaissance not seen since King Kandy spread educational reform across Candy Land (and gumdrops. Sweet, sweet gumdrops).
Council expands Healthy Streets into Living Streets - Austin Monitor
Tuesday, October 26, 2021 by Kali Bramble
The Process of Building a CSS Framework - Codrops
From our sponsor: Ship fast and never break a thing with Shortcut (formerly Clubhouse.io).