Early afternoon car accident destroys Bender's parklet on South Van Ness
Just an hour before lunch opened, a car accident sent one woman's sedan careening into Bender's parklet on South Van Ness Ave, Bender's employees said.
"Civil War Started:" Zach Rehl's Blow-by-Blow of the Riot - emptywheel
Since Jonathon Moseley has taken over as Zach Rehl's defense attorney, he has filed a series of really ridiculous motions.
With Lawmaker's Killing, the U.K. Confronts a New Episode of Terrorism
Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other leaders paid their respects to David Amess, who was fatally stabbed while meeting with constituents.
L.A. mandate looms, but fate of unvaccinated employees remains unclear
Los Angeles will require its city workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as of Wednesday, as the new rules become conditions of employment.
Chicago Mayor, Police In Stand-off Over Public Health Mandates; 50% Of Cops Won't Disclose Vaccine Status, Face Unpaid Leave - Towleroad Gay News
Chicago (AFP) - Up to half of Chicago's police face being placed on unpaid leave after refusing to disclose their Covid-19 vaccine status, in a high-stakes game of chicken that comes as the US city grapples with a surge in violent crime.
Chicago Mayor files complaint against police union for defying vaccine mandate
Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot has filed a complaint in court against Chicago's largest police union and its president after the union issued a directive for officers to ignore a citywide mandate to report their vaccination status, the latest in a battle between government officials and first responders over vaccine mandates.
Bangladesh Strengthens Security as Violence Targets Hindu Festival
Paramilitary forces were deployed across much of the country after the worst communal violence in years targeted dozens of Hindu gatherings.
Texas school administrator told teachers to include Holocaust books with 'opposing' views when explaining new state law
A school district superintendent in North Texas apologized Thursday night after one of the district's administrators told teachers that if they have books about the Holocaust in their classroom libraries, then they should also include books that have "opposing" views of the Holocaust.