Hundreds of armed police storm Rio de Janeiro favela
Hundreds of heavily armed police have stormed one of Rio's largest favelas at the start of what authorities claimed was a "transformational" bid to wrest back control from the drug gangs and paramilitary mafias which dominate huge swaths of the Brazilian city.
Destructive Wiper Targeting Ukraine Aimed at Eroding Trust, Experts Say
Disruptive malware attacks on Ukrainian organizations (posing as ransomware attacks) are very likely part of Russia's wider effort to undermine Ukraine's sovereignty, according to analysts.
A New Restaurant Could Open in the Historic Cliff House Space Before the End of the Year
The landmark Cliff House that stands sentinel over Ocean Beach could welcome a new restaurant before the end of the year, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.
Elizabeth Warren Is Urging Congress to Replenish Pandemic Restaurant Aid
Elizabeth Warren, U.S. senator from Massachusetts, is calling on state residents to put their support behind a bill to replenish pandemic restaurant aid for hospitality businesses across the country.
Grocery Delivery Option Good Eggs Returns to LA After Seven Year Hiatus
Online grocery retailer Good Eggs is coming back to Los Angeles, a surprise move for the Bay Area-based tech and produce company after suddenly leaving most of its expanded markets (including LA) back in 2015.
U. of Michigan reaches $490M settlement over sexual abuse by a former sports doctor
The University of Michigan has agreed to a $490 million settlement with hundreds of people who say they were sexually assaulted by Robert Anderson, a former sports doctor at the school.
Writing with respect
Users are people. Treat them well.
How to be a good writer: Write with respect.
Respect for the craft. And respect for the reader. It's obvious. But it's also hard to do - and increasingly rare.
Taxing UK's richest 'could cover rising health and social care costs twice over'
A wealth tax on billionaires and multi-millionaires in the UK would make a hike in National Insurance contributions needless, a new report has suggested.
Berkeley's iconic Bette's Oceanview Diner has permanently closed
The Fourth Street institution would have celebrated its 40th anniversary in April.
The Case For And Against Keeping The NHL's All Canadian Division
The NHL's has awaken from its slightly longer-than-normal holiday slumber.