The January 6th Investigation Gets Closer to Donald Trump
The congressional attempt to expose any direct role that Donald Trump and his top associates played in the January 6th assault on the U.S. Capitol is intensifying.
Max Cleland, ex-Georgia senator who lost three limbs in Vietnam, dies aged 79
Max Cleland, who lost three limbs in Vietnam but went on to be a US senator from Georgia, died on Tuesday.
Congress Introduces Pandemic Risk Insurance Act
Desperate to recover losses incurred during the pandemic, restaurants and retailers turned to their insurers, only for many to have their business-interruption claims denied.
Liz Cheney condemns 'false flag' Capitol attack claim seen in Tucker Carlson film
In an apparent swipe at the Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the anti-Trump Republican Liz Cheney said on Sunday it was "dangerous" and "un-American" to suggest the deadly assault on the US Capitol on 6 January was a "false flag" attack.
Talking Headways Podcast: How Partisanship Influences Transportation Reform
This week we're joined by Kelcie Ralph, Nick Klein, and Calvin Thigpen, who talk about their recent paper "Political Partisanship and Transportation Reform" written with Anne Brown in the Journal of the American Planning Association.
Good Morning, News: Newberg School Board Approves Racist Ban, Boosters Available for High-Risk Oregonians, and YouTube Dumps Anti-Vaxxers
The Mercury provides news and fun every single day-but your help is essential.
Ford says COVID-19 'doesn't care' about politics after Liberal win, Ontario reports 574 new cases | CBC News
Ontario Premier Doug Ford vowed to continue to work closely with the newly re-elected prime minister on Tuesday a day ahead of the province's vaccine certificate program rollout.
House lawmakers seek to ensure continuity of government amid disaster
A bipartisan group of House lawmakers on Thursday called for creating a system or agency that would ensure the continuity of government's legislative, executive and judicial branches in the event of a catastrophe.