Scholz to become German chancellor after securing coalition deal
Three parties agree to form a traffic light' coalition government following parliamentary elections in September.
League of Legends Rhythm Game Hextech Mayhem Launches Today
Earlier this month, Riot Games announced Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story, a beat-matching game with some serious side-scrolling/platforming gameplay.
Thermal mix: a modest Canberra renovation holds and traps the sun
house many would consider a knockdown, rebuild has been given a new life as a snug, energy-efficient home by an ACT firm that say their science-based architecture model can be applied to existing housing stock across Australia.
A silicone carrying case keeps this handcrafted tea set safe for an impromptu tea party anywhere! - Yanko Design
Hu-Kou is a portable ceramic tea set that comes with its own carrying case, making it easier than ever to bring tea with you anywhere you go.
Tea drinking is sacred to put it simply.
Iso-Lounge Is a Gravity-Defying Chair By Jasper Morrison for Isokon Plus
Pushing the limits of physics, Jasper Morrison, in collaboration with London-based furniture brand Isokon Plus, has designed a cantilevered chair that seems to defy gravity.
Android AsyncTask (REST client): A source code example
I just got back into using an Android AsyncTask, and it took a little while to re-load the concepts in my head. I used AsyncTask 's a few years ago, but haven't used them since.
This whiteboard hidden right behind a poster frame may be the smartest WFH idea of the decade - Yanko Design
Hiding a safe behind a picture frame is too 1980s... this picture frame hides a secret whiteboard behind it, for you to jot down your clever ideas without needing to invest in an entire whiteboard.
Come out of the Closet With Cass Model of Sexual Orientation| Find Your True Self
Coming out is a very difficult process but it indeed is at the heart of identifying and accepting your sexual orientation.
These Oddly Named Worms May Have Been the First Hermits
So-called "penis worms" get attention for all the wrong reasons. But new research finds they may have been early pioneers in a creative survival technique.